Classic is back, baby. Welcome to Luna's place.

"Shippai" is now officially begun. This is a multiparter I never exactly set out to write; it almost seems to be writing itself, and I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I hope you will too. Along with it is a fictional interview with the Splintersson brothers that Phishtar did for me a while ago.

The talented Bess has done me the honor of creating a picture based on my story "Choices," called Raph Hates Me. Thank you, Bess! I recommend that you visit her website for a peek at her other works. :D

Just to reassure you all- I'm not giving up on the site again, I've just been busy. First with finals, and now with studying abroad. I should be back in action by late August. Thanks for reading!

Last updated: 7/7/05, added Bess's pic. 3/17/05, added the prologue and chapter 1 of Shippai.

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